Survey Solutions software is produced by a large team of dedicated programmers, data scientists, statisticians, economists and other specialists. Yet our vision is coming from the idea set forth by Michael (Misha) Lokshin in 2011 that survey data collection must be accessible, reliable, prompt, and yet yield high quality data. Misha has realized that to make a difference it is not enough to deliver advice and recommendation, but to create a working tool that can extend the accumulated experience to the wider audience of survey practitioners.

At first, it was hard to see in the initial clumsy version of our software, humbly blinking the cursor on a single tablet in our office, anything that would be attractive or promising. Yet the idea brought its fruit: today, the software is used around the World in more than 150 countries and not only successfully competes with long established market products, but takes the lead bringing to our users the power of the tools and methods not accessible before.

Misha believed that the only way to convince the sceptics is a delivery of the working product, and demonstration of the solution. While setting an ambitious goal of rapid and agile software development Misha has challenged all of us to still maintain the high quality of work that would benefit our users.

Misha was building our team, leading by own example of caring of every user and getting into every problem report, often responding to user requests in the middle of the night or while on vacation with his family.

Over the years we’ve seen our ups and downs, yet the confidence was always with us that we are making steps in the right direction.

As Misha is moving forward to a new phase in his career, we are grateful for his leadership and commit to continue the development and support of the Survey Solutions platform in the principles that he has established.