What tablets should I buy?

Technical Requirements Survey Solutions software works with Android tablets with the following specifications: Version of Android OS: Android 6.0 or better is required; All versions of Android below 9.0 are no longer supported by the manufacturers and correspondingly tablets that can’t be updated to Android 9.0 or above should be considered unsafe for the World Bank projects. RAM: Minimum 1.5GB Storage: 8GB of flash memory storage. At least 1GB of available space must be available for Survey Solutions’ use.

April 25, 2023

Navigation to Destination

This article describes the features of Survey Solutions related to guiding the field workforce (interviewers and supervisors) to the particular destinations (typically dwellings/households). This is especially useful when the target location for interview is known (coordinates known), which helps finding the proper way to the destination in the situations of: panel surveys (coordinates are known from previous wave of the survey); cross-sectional surveys on geo-coded frames (households comprising the sampling frame are recorded with their coordinates during the precedeing listing or census enumeration); cross-sectional multi-visit survey (coordinates are recorded during the first visit, then re-used for subsequent visits); audit survey (coordinates are recorded by the interviewers during the main survey, then reused by auditors during the audit survey).

April 25, 2023

Android App Permissions

Android permissions regulate access of apps to particular functionality. When it comes to Survey Solutions the following permissions are requested: Access to camera: is used to: recognize qrcodes when setting up the application (enter synchronization point address); recognize qrcodes/barcodes when answering the corresponding question type in the interview; take pictures (answer picture type question). Access to microphone is used to: answer audio type question; record audio audit data during interview (all the time from the point of opening the interview to the point of closing the interview).

April 24, 2023

Solutions website

Q: I am trying to access the website https://solutions.worldbank.org, but it shows an error. What do I need to do? A: In the past, the address https://solutions.worldbank.org has led to the Designer tool from the Survey Solutions tool set. Now the Designer is accessible from this page: https://designer.mysurvey.solutions. Some older presentations or instructions guides may still refer to the older address if they were not updated in the meanwhile.

April 21, 2023

Where is My Interview?

This page is summarizing information that may help resolve the issue of the user not being able to find interviews. All of the below situations were encountered in practice while troubleshooting users’ reports of “Data loss” (no matter how absurd they may sound). None of the situations described below constitutes a defect or a bug, as in these cases data is not lost by the system itself, but rather it is erased as a result of a specific and predictable action by the user.

March 28, 2023

Browser requirements

The online components of Survey Solutions software (Designer, Web Tester, Headquarters, Web Interviewer) work with any modern web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Internet Explorer of any version is neither recommended nor supported at this time.

January 25, 2023


The Survey Solutions questionnaire can be designed in any language supported in Unicode. See details in this article. A questionnaire may be multilingual. See details in multilingual questionnaires For the langauges applicable to Survey Solutions software components refer to the following table: LanguageInterviewer (App)HeadquartersDesigner English+++ Russian+++ French+++ Spanish+++ Chinese+++ Arabic++- Czech++- Portuguese++- Georgian++- Romanian++- Indonesian+-- Khmer+-- Thai+-- Vietnamese+-- Ukrainian+-- How to switch the language? readme readme readme

November 10, 2022

Password issues

Password issues Click on the description of the case (1-15) below. Instructions vary depending on the type of password/login you are having an issue with. 1. Forgot your password for the Designer tool? Go to the Designer tool online: https://designer.mysurvey.solutions Click FORGOT PASSWORD? Enter your login (account name) or email address into the form field and click RESTORE. Check your email inbox for a new message with a password reset link.

September 5, 2022

Security review results

We are constantly on the lookout for new threats and periodically issue patches for any detected vulnerabilities that have a proven potential to be exploited to intercept data or intervene into the operation of the system, notably, our recent release 21.06. Our security policy is located here. The inventory of currently reported security advisories is published here. Users may conduct their own security analysis and share with us. We do not provide these reports on request of third parties.

August 27, 2021

Instructions for the Translators of the Survey Solutions Interface

You receive a single Excel file and these instructions. You deliver just the translated Excel file. Do not rename the spreadsheet. Do not convert to any other file format. Translate text from column E (titled INVARIANT) to column F (titled with your language). If you can’t translate the original text for any reason, the translation should be left blank (do not copy text from column E to column F in this case).

August 20, 2021