Cloud server request

August 31, 2020

⚠️ The article located on this page used to describe the process of requesting cloud servers that was in effect until April 09, 2020.
⚠️ We no longer have a possibility to satisfy new requests for hosting in our infrastructure.

Starting from April 09, 2020:

Please consult all applicable laws and regulations of your country regarding data storage, transfer and processing, especially when the service provider indicates that the servers are physically located in a different country or does not disclose their location. Please take a note that your organization may have rates and pricing different from the generic pricing conditions that the cloud providers publish. Please note that the costs may vary by region. Please inquire directly with the cloud server providers to get the most accurate information on the costs.

If the situation changes we will make corresponding announcements on this page and in the users' forum.

⚠️ The Survey Solutions software continues to be actively developed. For information on new releases, please consult the release notes.