Is the Designer tool online now?

September 30, 2019

The Survey Solutions Designer tool is a web-based tool and is accessible over the Internet. As with any website, when you can’t use the site, it could be:

  • a problem with the site,
  • a problem with connection, or
  • a problem with your own device.

In order to identify if the problem is with the site or related specifically to you, other devices can be used to try accessing the same site. There are many services of this kind in the Internet, which by probing from multiple IPs can conclude whether the site is up and running, experiencing significant delays, or is working fine.

Before reporting that any of the sites (Survey Solutions cloud server or Designer, etc) are “not working” verify it with one or more of the tools below.

We watch the report generated by UptimeRobot here for our main sites.

Other tools may be used to check if the site is available, for example, from your region. Please note that neither the World Bank Group, nor the Survey Solutions developers are in any way affiliated with these services:

Or use other tools of this kind that can provide an objective measure of the availability of the resource. If the tools above indicate that the site is available, but you still can’t reach it, please contact your system or network administrator who will be able to help resolve the situation.