Server Requirements

August 28, 2023

Server requirements are periodically revised. The characteristics below are outlined for a server facilitating a survey of no more than 100,000 interviews. You may need a more powerful server if:

  • your survey is larger, or
  • you plan to host several surveys, or
  • if you plan to collect any multimedia data (photos, audio recordings, etc), or
  • there are other non-standard circumstances.

Requirements for the server depend on the use and the type of the survey. Below is a minimal configuration. Better hardware allows better performance.


  • CPU: 4 physical cores, 64-bit
  • RAM: 16GB
  • DISK: 500GB SSD

If you are planning to purchase new hardware and wish for the server to be operational over the next few years, it is recommended to double the minimal specifications above.


During the installation, the Survey Solutions installer will examine the presence of necessary libraries and if any of them is missing, will attempt to download and install them from their distribution sites.

On Microsoft Windows Survey Solutions is working under Microsoft IIS which is built-in into the OS.

Server environment:

The server must be:

  • properly cooled;
  • physically secured;
  • reliably powered 24/7;
  • reliably connected to the network/internet with appropriate bandwidth;
  • protected from the elements (flooding, fire, etc).

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