Which languages can be used in Survey Solutions questionnaires?

September 18, 2019

This article discusses the appearance (fonts / scripts) of a Survey Solutions questionnaire. You may also be interested in:

The questionnaire instrument (questions, options, section names, error and warning messages, etc) can be designed in any language supported in Unicode. Survey Solutions allows text entry in Unicode and the entered values will be preserved in the exported data (UTF-8).

The variable names utilized in the questionnaire must be written strictly using English alphabet (AB..Zab..z), digits and the underscore character. For complete set of rules for variable names see the variable names article.


Some scripts may require an update of the operating system to a version that supports it. For example, Thaana characters are supported by OS Android 6.0 and higher. So even though Survey Solutions can be started on a lower version of Android OS, the Thaana characters may appear incorrectly rendered or not appear at all. Update your Android OS if necessary.

The following public questionnaire demonstrates various text messages written in different languages:

Figure 1 : text rendered in various left-to-right languages.

Figure 2 : text rendered in various right-to-left languages.

Figure 3 : free text entry.