Managing User Accounts

Token-based authentication

Survey Solutions supports two methods of authentication for API queries: Basic (a combination of the login and password) and Bearer (using a system-generated token) also known as JSON Web Token (JWT). Activation of the token-based authentication for the server By default token-based authentication is switched off. To activate it, the server configuration file must be modified to include the following section: [JwtBearer] Enabled=true SecretKey=[..............] For the SecretKey specify any alphanumeric key of at least 16 digits/characters long.

February 9, 2022


A brute-force attack (aka BF-attack) is an attack on the system by probing of all possible combinations of inputs to the login forms (user names, passwords, and any other information there). If a system is able to tell humans from computers apart, it can defend itself from mechanical guesses. A CAPTCHA is a challenge that humans can solve easily, while computers have difficulties with. Thus a CAPTCHA serves as an effective, (though not completely bullet-proof) mechanism for protecting a system from brute-force attacks.

June 29, 2021


To protect the safety of the data and prevent disruptions to the operations due to hacker attacks, the system responds to attempts to guess a user’s password. In the normal state, the user needs to enter just the login name and password to access the system. If, however, she makes multiple attempts to log in with an incorrect password, the system raises to the elevated state. To log in in the elevated state the user needs to supply her login name, password, and additionally solve a CAPTCHA challenge.

June 23, 2021

Batch User Upload

Up to 10,000 user accounts can be created from a single tab-delimited file, which must include the login, password, and role of the user, and may include additional attributes, like email or phone. Batch creation of user accounts comes handy when: the same accounts need to be replicated on a different server; migrating from a different CAPI system with established accounts; the survey is so huge that manual creation of accounts via a web interface would take a significant amount of time.

April 29, 2021

Survey Solutions Account Types

Survey Solutions Data Server provides the following account types: administrator - manages the server, creates workspaces, user accounts. headquarters - starts surveys, creates assignments, conducts top-level quality review of interviews, exports data supervisor - manages teams if interviewers, distributes work between interviewers, quality check of interviews; interviewer - conducts interviews; observer - observes operations on the server; API user - user account for user-written extensions accessing the server. The Survey Solutions Designer site account may not be used to log in to the data server.

March 30, 2021


Workspaces allow partitioning of a single server into multiple compartments that have limited impact on each other. The following are the rules guiding the use and functioning of the workspaces: An administrator has access to all workspaces. A user with an HQ and observer accounts may belong to one, some, or all workspaces, as designated by the administrator. Each interviewer and supervisor account may log in to a single workspace.

March 1, 2021

Adding Users to Workspaces

Some users (Headquarters, API users) may be granted access to more than 1 workspace. This access is granted by the server administrator at the Server Administration –> User Management page. To give access to a certain workspace, the administrator selects the user account(s) from the list of all user accounts on the server, then selects Add to Workspaces. In the dialog window that appear, administrator should select the names of the workspaces that the user should be granted access to, and confirm the changes.

March 1, 2021

Survey Solutions Server Administrator

Every Survey Solutions server has an administrator. This is the first user account created after Survey Solutions is installed, typically by the same person who performed the installation. Administrator is a privileged account and can do important actions which may result in damage to data. Assign a responsible and informed person as an administrator! We recommend that the administrator has attended a comprehensive Survey Solutions training. An administrator can do (almost) everything an HQ user can do plus some exclusive actions:

January 20, 2021

Creating User Accounts

The Teams and Roles menu provides tools for managing the human resources responsible for data collection: The following accounts may be created by the users in the role Headquarters or Administrator: interviewer and supervisor accounts. The following accounts may be created by the users in the role Administrator only: headquarters, observers, and API accounts. Note: The Teams and Roles menu also provides access to the batch user upload feature, where up to 10,000 user accounts can be created from a single tab-delimited file.

July 28, 2020

Deleting accounts

Deleting accounts An account that is created in Survey Solutions can not be deleted. Ever. This is because the account is mentioned in the history of the events that were originated by that user (such as created or completed an interview). Yet an account can be archived, which is the closest thing to deleting it. This action is available to an administrator only, which can (1) select the interviewer account to be archived and (2) click the Archive button to perform the action:

July 28, 2020