Setup and Configuration

Device Logs

Survey Solutions contains a built-in mechanism for logging the problems and transmitting the log data from tablets to the HQ server. This helps to investigate the issues where the interviewers can not supply any detailed problem report and commonly describe the problem with “it doesn’t work” or “it crashes” and it is difficult or not possible to access the device directly. The information contained in the device logs is rather technical and should be interpreted by IT personnel or software developers.

February 9, 2021

Server Installation

Installation has following steps: Installing PostgreSQL Installing SurveySolutions Post installation configuration Installing PostgreSQL Make sure that you have an installed and running instance of PostgreSQL before running SurveySolutions.exe You can download PostgreSQL from here and run the setup. Pick the latest stable version (note: Survey Solutions will not work with PostgreSQL prior to version 10.0). During the process you’ll set the password for the database superuser: 📷 PostgreSQL password and the port, on which the PostgreSQL server will be running:

January 11, 2021

Data Server Errors

The following errors may be encountered when working with a data server: 1. “Unable to import new questionnaire: Could not connect to Designer. Please check if Designer is available and try again." Your Headquaters installation is trying to contact the Survey Solutions Designer server to import the questionnaire, but can’t reach it. It is very unlikely that the Designer is not responding or is not working read how to check here so the problem is most likely with your network configuration.

January 5, 2021

AWS setup

Installation of Survey Solutions on Amazon AWS The installation consists of the following steps: Create security group for web server and RDS to be able to communicate Create PostgreSQL instance Create EC2 instance for running Survey Solutions Install Survey Solutions Create security group In order to have connection between Survey Solutions and PostgreSQL you can create new security group as described in here. From the AWS Management Console:

December 18, 2020


Survey Solutions server administrator has access to the special healthcheck page using the following: menu → Administration → Diagnostics. This page may appear like the following: This page shows two kinds of information: left side shows diagnostics related to server configuration, whether the settings are set up correctly and the different components are able to talk to each other; right side shows various metrics of the server performance, such as the CPU load, memory usage, number of concurrent queries, or the database footprint.

December 11, 2020

Admin Settings

Survey Solutions server administrator may adjust the server settings. These settings affect simultaneously all surveys and all users on the server and have the effect immediately when applied. These settings are visible only to the user logged in in an administrative role and can be accessed from: Menu → Administration → Settings. Export Encryption This group of settings contains settings that control the encryption of the data archive produced when exporting the data from Survey Solutions.

November 25, 2020

Survey Solutions Server

This article describes the main steps to setup your own Survey Solutions server. Study the requirements for a server. These requirements are minimal and may be periodically revised. Your survey may require a different hardware configuration. You may need to calibrate for a few months before the survey to determine the optimal configuration. Follow the installation instructions to install the prerequisites and the Survey Solutions itself.

November 20, 2020

Deployment with Docker

You can install and run Survey Solutions Headquarters using our official Docker image. Prerequisite Survey Solutions container can be executed on any hosting system that is capable of running linux/amd64 containers. Please refer to docker documentation page on how to install Docker for Your operating system - Survey Solutions has linux based container image and cannot be run in Windows Containers. To run Survey Solutions in Docker on Windows you will need WSL2

November 9, 2020

Azure setup

Installation of Survey Solutions on Microsoft Azure In order to install - register on azure portal and login. Installation steps are going to use azure shell. After loggedin into azure shell execute command with variables that are going to be needed later. Feel free to change them as you need: RG=surveysolutions \ LOC=westeurope \ STOREACC=surveysolutions \ SHARE_NAME=surveysolutions \ PGSERVER=suso-postgres \ PGPASS=password \ WEBAPPNAME=surveysolutions-webapp \ SRVPLAN=AppSvc-SurveySolutions-plan RG - resource group where all survey solutions related resources are going to be grouped LOC - location where you will run survey solutions software.

November 5, 2020

Personal Demo Server

Survey Solutions users may familiarize themselves with the Headquarters/Admin functionality using a personal demo server (PDS). Personal demo servers are managed through the self-service portal. You start by submitting a corresponding request. Before you proceed, make sure you understand the purpose and limitations of the PDS: Every Survey Solutions user may request one PDS. There are no forms to fill and the server becomes available shortly after the request is submitted.

November 4, 2020