December 11, 2020

Survey Solutions server administrator has access to the special healthcheck page using the following: menuAdministrationDiagnostics.

This page may appear like the following:

This page shows two kinds of information:

  • left side shows diagnostics related to server configuration, whether the settings are set up correctly and the different components are able to talk to each other;

  • right side shows various metrics of the server performance, such as the CPU load, memory usage, number of concurrent queries, or the database footprint.

Server administrators are requested to inspect the indications of this panel for common problems before bringing them up to the support.

Under proper configuration all components at the left side should be green. The number of broken packages may become positive due to miscoordination between the interviewers and supervisors (e.g. the same interview rejected to two different interviewers) even under normal work.

The healthcheck diagnostics tool has been added in version 20.07 of Survey Solutions.