Installer Command Line Parameters

May 11, 2020

Survey Solutions installer may be launched with command line parameters.

Siteportport number on which the site shall be installed in IIS80809700
Connserverpart of the DB connection string identifying the address of the database serverdata.warehouse.com127.0.0.1
Connportpart of the DB connection string identifying the port of the database server4435432
Connusernameuser name for connection to the DBjohnsmithpostgres
Connpasswordpassword for connection to the DBMyPassword911
Installfolderfull installation path where the Survey Solutions server should be installedC:\World Bank\Survey SolutionsC:\Survey Solutions
Additionally, specify /s for a silent install.


Install to directory D:\SuSo\ silently and bind Survey Solutions site to port 8080 in IIS:

SurveySolutions.exe /s Installfolder=D:\SuSo Siteport=8080