Setup and Configuration

Installer Command Line Parameters

Survey Solutions installer may be launched with command line parameters. ParameterMeaningExampleDefault Siteport port number on which the site shall be installed in IIS 8080 9700 Connserver part of the DB connection string identifying the address of the database server Connport part of the DB connection string identifying the port of the database server 443 5432 Connusername user name for connection to the DB johnsmith postgres Connpassword password for connection to the DB MyPassword911 Installfolder full installation path where the Survey Solutions server should be installed C:\World Bank\Survey Solutions C:\Survey Solutions Additionally, specify /s for a silent install.

May 11, 2020

Alternative maps for servers in China

Survey Solutions map reports at the data server utilize maps provided by Google through their online service. The installation sets the parameters regulating access to this service with the parameters applicable to the majority of users, but these servers are known to be inaccessible from the networks in China. To enable access to Google maps from China, a different server, specific to China, must be used. The following two parameters should be changed in the GoogleMap section in appsettings.

May 6, 2020

Changing the Interface Language

Survey Solutions interface for Headquarter and Supervisor users can be presented in different languages. This article describes how to switch the interface to be presented in an alternative language. Recall that both HQ and Supervisor users work via a web browser. Switching the interface is done by telling the browser to request the content in a particular language. Note that this affects both Survey Solutions and other sites that are visited with the same browser.

June 16, 2016