Personal Demo Server

July 19, 2021

Survey Solutions users may familiarize themselves with the Headquarters/Admin functionality using a personal demo server (PDS).

Personal demo servers are managed through the self-service portal. You start by submitting a corresponding request. Before you proceed, make sure you understand the purpose and limitations of the PDS:

  • Every Survey Solutions user may request one PDS.
  • There are no forms to fill and the server becomes available shortly after the request is submitted.
  • The address of the server is and cannot be changed.
  • The server and all stored data will be automatically deleted 30 days after it was created.
  • A PDS may not be extended, but can be requested again after it expires.
  • We do not do backups of data stored on PDS and there is no possibility for any data recovery after the site has been stopped (all content is deleted immediately).
  • Once a PDS is created for a user, it may not be transferred to another user.

The objective of a PDS is to give the user a playground to study and experiment and not to collect any real survey data. In fact the PDS are configured to handle only minimal workloads (approx 1,000 interviews).

Once you learn how Survey Solutions works on a PDS, you can proceed to learning about standalone servers and prepare a server for your data collection operations.

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