Support tool

November 25, 2021

Survey Solutions comes with a built-in support tool that can be used in special situations:

  • where an action needs to be taken programmatically;
  • where an action may not be taken through the web interface.

The support tool is being called via a command line (while being in the directory where Survey Solutions is installed), we type:

WB.UI.Headquarters.exe manage ...

followed by one of the following commands:


These commands and their subcommands and options are described below.


version –> Print application version information

This command doesn’t have any subcommands or options.


users –> Manage users of Headquarters

create Subcommand to create a new user account

--username or --login
--workspace or -w

reset-password Subcommand to reset password for an existing user

--username or --login

disable2fa Subcommand to disable 2-factor authentication for an existing user

--username or --login

releaselock Subcommand to release a security lock for an existing user

--username or --login


workspaces –> Manage workspaces

add Subcommand to add new workspace to Headquarters

--name or -n Name of the workspace

--title or -t Title of the workspace

list Subcommand to list workspaces


migrate –> Migrate database to latest version

–wait-for-db Wait for DB to be available. Default is False.

–timeout Limit wait time for DB in seconds. Default is 0. Used in conjunction with --wait-for-db option

Users may also type: WB.UI.Headquarters.exe -help to obtain a quick summary of commands in the version they have installed.

Common use

Most users will never encounter a situation where they would need to use this support tool. But when they do, most commonly the support tool needs to be used:

  1. to reset the password of the server administrator if it is forgotten;
  2. if the administrator’s account became inaccessible due to the two-factor authentication, where the token generator became lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise inaccessible, for example: .\WB.UI.Headquarters.exe manage users disable2fa --login loginName
  3. in the situations where we need to release the automatic lock on login attempts when we believe that the account is no longer under a threat; for example: .\WB.UI.Headquarters.exe manage users releaselock --login loginName
  4. to create a second administrator account;
  5. to programmatically create a number of users and workspaces.