Questionnaire Data - Export File Anatomy

September 23, 2016

Every questionnaire will contain at least one data file corresponding to the main level of data, and potentially one or more subordinate files corresponding to additional levels defined by the rosters.

Questionnaire level file: file name corresponds to the title of the questionnaire  

The questionnaire level export file consists of the following columns: Id, question variable names including roster trigger questions, and the system generated case Id.

1. Id. Survey Solutions generated identifier for each survey case.
2. Variables for main (questionnaire) level. These variables contain the answers for the questions in the main questionnaire level. All sections of the questionnaire at the same level are automatically combined.
3. Rosters trigger questions. Answers to any questions that trigger rosters are also exported at their respective level. In this illustration the Household Roster (variable hh_list) and Garden Roster (variable garden_list) text list questions at the questionnaire level.
4. ssSys_IRnd. A system generated specific random number between 0 and 1 for each survey case.  

Subordinate file(s): file name corresponds to roster ID  

The roster data is exported in subordinate files, which include the following columns: Id, trigger question (only if the roster is triggered by text list question), answers to roster questions, and system generated identifier ParentId1. 

1. Id. Identifiers corresponding to roster row code (@rowcode) of each item.
2. Roster source question. Values recorded in the list question that has triggered the roster (only for rosters triggered by text list questions).
3. Variables for questions inside the household roster.
4. ParentId1. Refers to the Id attribute of the corresponding parent (record at higher level). For example, in this case the value of ParentId1 contains an identifier of the household, and this value matches the value in the Id column of the questionnaire level file.