Stata export file format

April 11, 2017

When Survey Solutions v5.18 is writing an exported data file in Stata format it is producing it according to Stata 14 data file specification, available from StataCorp LLC. 

Stata versions prior to version 14.0 (e.g. 12.0, 13.1, etc) cannot open these files because these older versions of the software are not aware of the newer file format. The message that the user will see on the screen varies, and may look, for example like the following:

dta too modern
    File D:\1.dta is from a more recent version of Stata.  Type update query
    to determine whether a free update of Stata is available, and browse to determine if a new version is available.

Or it may simply suggest that the data file is unknown format or corrupt.

Users having access to Stata 14 software should open the files exported from Survey Solutions with the Stata 14 software. If they need to pass the data to users of older versions of Stata, they should resave the data in the older format by using the saveold command in their Stata (for each datafile produced by Survey Solutions).

Users not having access to Stata 14 software may download tab-delimited data and run the accompanying do-files to import the data into their Stata software, then save the imported data as a Stata file corresponding to their version of Stata.

Alternatively, users may download data exported from Survey Solutions in SPSS file format and import them with the help of a user-written command usespss.