Survey Workflow

June 29, 2016

Workflow Demonstration

Check out the video below (starting from 0:30) to learn about the survey workflow in Survey Solutions.


Workflow Description

Headquarters, designated by the PC at the top of the figure, determines the subjects that need to be interviewed (households, firms, geographic area, etc.) and their assignments across team supervisors. Assignments can include one or more interview cases. Team supervisors, denoted by the laptops in the middle, first receive these assignments and then allocate them to the members of their team.

Interviewers, represented by tablets, receive the assignments from the team supervisors, collect data for the cases within the assignments, and send completed cases back to supervisors for review. Team supervisors, having received completed interview cases, review these questionnaires to confirm that all questions are answered and that answers are accurate, coherent, and plausible. After reviewing these completed interview cases, team supervisors either approve or reject them.

If a team supervisor approves a completed interview case received from an interviewer, the assignment is sent to headquarters, as represented by the paper with a checkmark. If a team supervisor rejects a completed assignment received from an interviewer, the assignment is returned to the interviewer initially responsible for completing it.

Receiving the rejected assignment, the interviewer must either correct it or provide explanatory notes on strange or implausible answers. When the assignments are corrected, the interviewer sends them back to the team supervisor for approval or rejection, a process that continues until the assignments are completed with the highest level of quality according to the team supervisor.

As an assignment moves through the survey workflow, it takes on a different status at each stage, as illustrated in the photo above.

SupervisorAssigned means that Headquarters has sent the interview assignment to the supervisor. The supervisor must now take action on this assignment, allocating it to a member of their team.
InterviewerAssigned means that a supervisor has allocated this assignment to a member of their team. The interviewer must now conduct an interview with the assigned member of the survey population.
Completed means that an interviewer has marked an interview case as complete and has sent it to the supervisor. The supervisor must now review the questionnaire for quality and completeness, and then reject or approve the interview.
RejectedBySupervisor means that a supervisor has rejected the interview and, by default, that interview returns to the interviewer who sent it. The interviewer must now address their supervisor’s concerns, making a change to the questionnaire or providing explanatory comments.
ApprovedBySupervisor means that a supervisor has approved this interview and, in doing so, sent it Headquarters for further review. Headquarters must now review the interview and reject or approve it.
RejectedByHeadquarters means that Headquarters has rejected the interview assignment and, thus, returned it to the supervisor that initially approved it. The concerned supervisor must now take action on the interview, providing explanatory comments or sending to an interviewer to be fixed.
ApprovedByHeadquarters means that Headquarters has approved the interview case and, no further action may be taken on this final interview.