Maps Management

Map files

In Survey Solutions all maps are first uploaded to the server, then distributed to the interviewers based on assignments of maps. This functionality is accessible for the users in roles headquarters and administrator only. The Map files page is the page where the maps are managed at the Survey Solutions server (Headquarters). It can be accessed by The Maps dialog is using two icons to denote types of the uploaded maps:

December 14, 2022

Shapefile maps

Survey Solutions Interviewer App displays maps for two purposes: The dashboard depicts the assignments and interviews on the map by placing markers that correspond to the coordinates of an identifying question. Geography questions (single- and multiple points, polyline and polygon) allow capturing geographical information by marking it on the map layer, typically a satellite or aero-photography. Survey Solutions has been employing this functionality for several years already using the ESRI ArcGIS Android SDK components.

June 14, 2022

Digital Map Formats

Survey Solutions offline maps may be prepared in any of the following formats: FORMAT EXTENSION TYPE LINKS ESRI tile package.*.tpk raster USDA Tutorial on creation of TPK tile packages.ESRI documentation Create Map Tile Package ESRI mobile map package. *.mmpk rasterESRI tutorial on creating MMPK mobile map packages. GeoTIFF*.tiff rasterOGC GeoTIFF standardExample file and description (external links). Shapefile**.shp*.shx*.dbf vector QGIS tutorial on creation of shapefiles. ESRI Shapefile Technical Description *) Shapefiles cannot be uploaded to the headquarters and must be distributed manually to the interviewers' tablets.

April 18, 2021