Survey Management

Shapefile maps

Survey Solutions Interviewer App displays maps for two purposes: The dashboard depicts the assignments and interviews on the map by placing markers that correspond to the coordinates of an identifying question. Geography questions (single- and multiple points, polyline and polygon) allow capturing geographical information by marking it on the map layer, typically a satellite or aero-photography. Survey Solutions has been employing this functionality for several years already using the ESRI ArcGIS Android SDK components.

June 14, 2022

Audio audit

Description Audio auditing enables Headquarters to listen in on interviews secretly. Audio auditing automatically records the full interview for selected assignments, stores the recording in encrypted audio files, and synchronizes these audio files along with the linked interview files. It is not possible to record only parts of an interview, but it is possible to select which assignments will be recorded. How to enable/disable audio auditing Before creating an assignment Navigate to Survey Setup > Questionnaires Click on a questionnaire Click in the box next to Record audio to enable (disable) audio auditing After this point, all created assignments will have audio audit enabled (disabled).

February 14, 2022

Exposed Variables

Exposed variables are special variables that are made available by Survey Solutions for speedy access that can be utilized for the filtering of observations in the interviews lists and map reports. All questions and variables from the cover page of any questionnaire are automatically considered to be exposed and no action needs to be undertaken by the user to expose them. In addition the user may expose up to 15 questions or variables from the main level of the questionnaire (the interview level).

May 11, 2021

Digital Map Formats

Survey Solutions offline maps may be prepared in any of the following formats: FORMAT EXTENSION TYPE LINKS ESRI tile package.*.tpk raster USDA Tutorial on creation of TPK tile packages.ESRI documentation Create Map Tile Package ESRI mobile map package. *.mmpk rasterESRI tutorial on creating MMPK mobile map packages. GeoTIFF*.tiff rasterOGC GeoTIFF standardExample file and description (external links). Shapefile**.shp*.shx*.dbf vector QGIS tutorial on creation of shapefiles. ESRI Shapefile Technical Description *) Shapefiles cannot be uploaded to the headquarters and must be distributed manually to the interviewers' tablets.

April 18, 2021

Server Audit Log

Survey Solutions server administrator may inspect the server audit log. The audit log lists important events that were initiated by the users on the server, identifying who made that action, and when. For actions of interviewers, see the detailed actions log. To view the server audit log, the admin user should proceed to Menu → Administration → Audit log. The log data can be exported in a form of a downloadable file in any of the following formats:

December 17, 2020

Import the Questionnaire

A questionnaire document prepared in the Designer site needs to be imported to the Survey Solutions data server before the data collection may start in that survey. This article outlines how to import a questionnaire from the Designer to the HQ. 🛈 The questionnaire import operation is available to users in HQ or administrator roles. In the main menu select Survey setup, then Questionnaires. Click the Import questionnaire button. Enter the Designer credentials under which you’ve designed your questionnaire.

August 22, 2020

Questionnaire Details Page

Questionnaire details page reflects information about the questionnaire that has been earlier imported to the Headquarters. You access it by clicking a questionnaire in the list of imported questionnaires (Survey Setup/Questionnaires) Notably, the information properties reflect the structure of the questionnaire as designed (number of sections, rosters, questions, etc) and the information about how the questionnaire is configured at the Headquarters (whether the web mode is on, whether the audio recording is turned on for new assignments, etc).

November 19, 2019

Assign Maps to Interviewers

This article describes the format of the file for map assignments to interviewers. The map assignments file is a file, which is uploaded to the Survey Solutions Headquarters to regulate which interviewer has access to which offline maps. The offline maps are used by the interviewers to record answers to the geography type questions. If your survey doesn’t use any geography type question you can skip this article. The map assignment file is formatted as a tab delimited file with two columns:

April 4, 2019

Components of the Headquarters Software

The headquarters software is a suite of connected tools for the administrator and headquarters users: to track the overall progress of the survey (Reports) to review completed interviews (Interviews) to manage the human resources (Teams and Roles) to specify survey instruments, create survey assignments with those instruments(Survey Setup) to export the data collected from these assignments (Data Export) to find a check the status of particular case assignments (Troubleshooting) The difference between the headquarters and administrator users is that the administrator can create headquarters/observer user accounts, archive user accounts, and delete questionnaire templates from the headquarters server.

June 29, 2016

Distributing Assignments to Interviewers

Step 1 Log in to your server using a supervisor account. If you are testing Survey Solutions, log in at using a supervisor account. Step 2 Once the supervisor’s dashboard has loaded, select the Assignments tab. The list of assignments can be filtered by questionnaire template, person responsible, and/or archived status. From the list of assignments, the supervisor the supervisor should select the assignments that they would like to assign to one of their enumerators.

June 28, 2016