Import the Questionnaire

August 22, 2020

A questionnaire document prepared in the Designer site needs to be imported to the Survey Solutions data server before the data collection may start in that survey. This article outlines how to import a questionnaire from the Designer to the HQ.

🛈 The questionnaire import operation is available to users in HQ or administrator roles.

  1. In the main menu select Survey setup, then Questionnaires.

  2. Click the Import questionnaire button.

  3. Enter the Designer credentials under which you’ve designed your questionnaire.

  4. Select the questionnaire that you want to import from the list. The list of questionnaires shows the questionnaires owned by you and shared with you together. You can navigate the pages, search the questionnaires and sort them by title, date of last modification, or owner.

  5. Once the questionnaire is selected, type an import comment, which is a memo to yourself and colleagues working in HQ regarding this survey or version of the questionnaire.

After the questionnaire is imported it will appear in the list of the questionnaires in the Survey SetupQuestionnaires page.

🛈 Only questionnaires without compilation errors may be imported from the Designer to the data server. If your questionnaire contains any errors, they must be corrected first in the Designer tool.

🛈 If you’ve made any changes to a questionnaire in the Designer, these changes do not affect the questionnaires imported to the data server. To take advantage of those changes the questionnaire must be imported again.