Interviewer App Notifications

June 3, 2019

The Interviewer App reminds the interviewers about recommended actions when certain conditions are met by issuing user notifications. It is expected that if the interviewers follow the notifications issued by the software their work will be more efficient, and will let other team members (e.g. supervisors) to act sooner on the collected data.

Some notifications are shown inside the Interviewer app (at the dashboard) and some are shown in the Android system notifications tray. The following table outlines where the notifications are shown and the situations when they are issued.

Situation/MessageNotification typeRecommendation
Synchronization was not performed lately. Please synchronize.System traySynchronize as soon as possible. New assignments or rejected interviews may be awaiting at the server for pickup.
There was no retry after failed synchronization. Please try again.System traySynchronize as soon as possible since the last synchronization session was terminated with errors and hence is incomplete.
You have X completed interview(s) that should be synchronized.System traySynchronize as soon as possible so that the completed interviews may be reviewed by the supervisors.
You have X rejected interview(s) that were not handled.System trayInterviewer should direct attention to the rejected interviews before starting new interviews.
There are a lot of completed interviews. Please synchronize.AppSynchronize as soon as possible to send completed interviews to the server and reduce a chance of data loss in case the tabled gets damaged or stolen.
Some assignments were not updated last 3 daysAppThe interviewer is expected to fulfill the assingments sent to him and should not abandon the assignments that are received by him.
You've started too many interviews. Please complete them.AppThe interviewer may start an interview without completing the previous one, but starting too many at the same time is a bad practice and started interviews are best to complete before moving forward to start other new interviews.

Setting up

Notifications are controlled centrally by the server administrator in the server settings and are turned on by default for all servers.

Administrators finding this feature not helpful may turn it off (or back on) for all interviewers from the server settings page. The new setting will take effect after the next synchronization of the interviewer with the server.

Survey coordinators must realize that Android OS provides a possibility for the user (in this case the interviewer) to disable the notifications from a particular application (in this case the Interviewer App) even if the notifications were turned on at the server. Hence the management should not solely rely on the in-app generated notifications, but continue to supervise and manage the interviewers to ensure the steady circulation of the interviews in the system.