Interviewer Dashboard: Managing the Workload

July 5, 2017

Overview of the Interviewer Dashboard

The Interviewer dashboard offers an overview of the interviewer’s assignments and the state of completion they are in. The tabs displayed at the top of the dashboard sorts interviews by their status.

To navigate between the different tabs, the interviewer can either tap on the tab at the top bar or swipe left or right. To help interviewers differentiate between the different tabs, the color of the dashboard will change based on which tab the interviewer is currently in. The interface will be grey for the Create New tab, blue for the **Started **tab, green for the Completed tab, and red for the Rejected tab.

Information for Assignments

The card for each assignment will have a number at the top. This number will correspond to the assignment number that Headquarters and Supervisors user will also use to identify the assignment. Next to the assignment number will be the number of interviews that remains to be completed by the interviewer. This number will decrease as the interviewer completes more interviews.

Additionally, each card will be have the identifying information for each assignment or interview. The first three identifying variables will be shown on the card for each assignment or interview. If there are more than three identifying variables for the assignment, the rest will be hidden. To reveal the other identifying information, tap once on the assignment’s card. 


Interview statuses

There are four possible statuses on the Dashboard:

  • Create New: This tab will list all the assignments that an interviewer has. Interviewers can create new interviews for their assignments. To start a new interview, interviewers will tap on the blue Start button on the assignment. If all the required interviews for an assignment have already been created, then the Start will be grayed out. The dashboard will be grey while in this tab.
  • Started: This tab lists the interviews that have been started but not yet completed. To open an incomplete interview, simply tap once on the card for interview of interest to expand the card and then tap the ***Open ***​button. The dashboard will be blue while in this tab.
  • Completed: This tab contains the interviews that the interviewer has marked as completed. Interviews in the Completed tab will be sent to the server when the interviewer synchronizes. To open a completed interview,simply tap once on the card for interview of interest to expand the card and then tap the ***Open ***​button. The dashboard will be green while in this tab.
  • Rejected: This tab contains the rejected interviews that the supervisor has reviewed, found problems, and returned it to the interviewer for correction. To open a completed interview, simply tap once on the card for interview of interest to expand the card and then tap the ***Open ***button. The dashboard will be red while in this tab.


How to create a new interview

Step 1
Under the Create New tab, find the card for the assignment of interest. Use the identifying information to find the appropriate assignment. Tap on the card to see all the identifying information. This will also reveal the Start. Tap on the blue Start button for the assignment to create a new interview.

If the questionnaire is large, a load screen may appear before the questionnaire cover page appears.

Step 2
The interviewer will see all the identifying information for that new interview. If Headquarters has filled out the identifying variable, then the interviewer will see the information prefilled and there will be a lock next to that information. Interviewers will not be able to change any identifying information that Headquarters has already filled out. If any identifying variable was not provided by Headquarters, the interviewer should fill out that information before starting the interview. After filling out any necessary identifying information, click on the blue Start at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3
You will then see a summary of all the identyfing information and links to question level comments left by the supervisor and headquarters user. Review the information and make sure everything is correct, and then click on the blue Start button at the bottom of the screen to start the interview. To view the comments, click on a red question link. 


How to exit an interview

Tap on the menu button on the top right and select *Dashboard. *

You will be directed back to the dashboard. The incomplete interview can now be found under the Started tab, and you can select any other assignment.


How to resume an interview

Navigate to the Started tab on the Dashboard. Find the interview that you would like to resume and tap on its card to reveal all the identifying information. Then, tap on the blue Open button to resume the interview. The Interviewer application will open to the first section in the questionnaire. However, all your previous work will be present.

How to discard an interview

If for some reason, you need to discard an incomplete interview, you can tap on the 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner, and then on the Discard button on the interview’s card after finding the interview in the Started tab. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the interview. Tap on “Yes” to confirm and interview will be discarded. BE CAREFUL WHEN DISCARDING AN INTERVIEW, THE INFORMATION FOR THAT INTERVIEW CANNOT BE RECOVERED ONCE DISCARDED.