Overview of the App


Comments can be left for any question. This may useful to explain answers that you have confirmed but that may appear strange or wrong to your supervisor. To leave a comment, press for a moment on the question of interest. After a few seconds, a comment field will appear, into which you can type any arbitrary long comment. Comments can also be left for you by your supervisor. These will likely be questions about the answers you have recorded.

July 14, 2016

Answering All Question Types

The Interviewer application allows several different types of questions: numeric, text, single-select categorical, multi-select categorical, list, date, GPS, barcode, and picture. As an interviewer, you must know how to answer each of them. To help you with that text, each question type is briefly explained below with visual aids. Numeric Questions that take a numeric response have a field for an open numeric answer. When that field is tapped, the numeric keyboard appears so that the interviewer can compose an appropriate numerical response.

July 14, 2016

Questionnaire Interface & Answering Questions

Overview of Questionnaire Interface Answering questions How to know when you have answered a question There are a few ways that interviewers can know that they have successfully answered a question. First, the question shows some answer. Second, the tablet vibrates and the questions are surrounded by a red outline, if the recorded answer is not valid. Vibration can be disabled by navigating to Interviewer’s settings and removing the checkbox next to Vibrate when invalid answer is given.

July 14, 2016