Shape file overlay

June 14, 2022

This feature has been revised in the recent update v22.06. Please refer to the shapefile maps article for description of the updated functionality.

This feature is added in v18.06 for beta testing. We recommend our users to utilize it with a caution and keep us posted about the experiences with it.

A single shapefile can be overlayed over the baseline map in a geography type question. This shapefile must be placed into a specific folder and must contain all three mandatory shapefile components (*.shp, *.shx, and *.dbf) accompanied with the *.prj. Consult the ESRI tools and documentation for the structure of the shapefile and the role of these components.

For version 21.01.8 and earlier place the shapefile into the folder TheWorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache/.

For version 21.05 and later place the shapefile into the folder TheWorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache/WORKSPACENAME, where WORKSPACENAME is the name of the workspace where you want to have the shapefile to be available.

The number of points in the shapefile may vary: it can be as simple as four corners of a rectangular enumeration area, or be a complex outline of the coastal area. 

Once the shapefile is present on the tablet, it will be automatically overlaid over the baseline map, and the interviewer will have a visual indication whether the choices he/she is making in the geography question are within or outside of the area of interest.

If the shapefile contains an attribute label, the values of this attribute are used as annotations for the polygons, otherwise no annotations are shown.

As of v21.05 the shapefiles are not centrally managed at the Survey Solutions Headquarters and must be copied manually to the interviewers’ tablets.