January 8, 2020

Interviewers in all surveys are to contact their respective survey managers/supervisors first, who will take reasonable efforts to determine the cause of the issue and possible solution including describing the issue and searching for similar issues in the users' forum and this support site.

If the issue is determined to be caused by the Survey Solutions code, it should be elevated to the developers including a detailed description, steps to reproduce the issue, etc. See more in the FAQ for email support.

There are special pages dedicated to common problems, such as synchronization problems for tablets. Make sure you read and follow the standard troubleshooting advice before elevating it to the developers. Include the description of the conclusion of the relevant standard advice, this will help in determining the proper recommendation.

The support team may advise you to utilize certain diagnostics tools embedded in the interviewer application or change certain settings. You can read more about this in the corresponding articles: