Sharing a questionnaire

August 7, 2019

Survey Solutions Designer tool allows collaborative use of a questionnaire by multiple users.

To share a questionnaire:

  1. Open the questionnaire you want to share;
  2. Select 'Settings' and switch to the collaborators tab:
  3. Type the email or login of a person you want to share the questionnaire with.
  4. Select mode of sharing 'Edit' or 'View'.
  5. Click 'Invite' button.

The collaborator account must already exist. If your new collaborator doesn’t have an account at the Survey Solutions Designer ask it to be created first.

The modes of sharing:

  • *Edit* means that the collaborator will be able to make changes to the questionnaire: add or remove questions, sections, options, revise logic and any other changes to the questionnaire. Any user that have *edit* mode access to a questionnaire may share a questionnaire further with another user.
  • *View* means that the collaborator will be able to view the questionnaire contents, but not be able to modify it. They also don't see and may not leave Designer comments.

Collaborator in any of the above modes will be able to:

  • [Test the questionnaire in the Tester App](/questionnaire-designer/testing/testing-your-questionnaires-using-the-tester-application/) or in WebTester;
  • [Import the questionnaire to the Headquarters](/headquarters/svymanage/import-the-questionnaire/) to start a survey based on that questionnaire.
  • Generate HTML/[PDF preview](/questionnaire-designer/interface/pdf-export-/) of the questionnaire;
  • View the [history](/questionnaire-designer/interface/recent-changes-to-the-questionnaire/) of the questionnaire edits;
  • Copy/clone a questionnaire.

Once an account has been added to the list of collaborators, it may be removed by selecting the action '*Revoke access*' next to that account.

To change a *view* mode to *edit* mode for an account, revoke the access first, then re-share the questionnaire again in the edit mode.

**The owner of the questionnaire is the only account that can actually delete a questionnaire.**

Transfer the ownership of the questionnaire

Each questionnaire is owned by one and only one account at the Designer site. The owner of the questionnaire may transfer the ownership to another user.

  1. Share the questionnaire in any mode with the account of the new owner.
  2. Once the account is added to the list of collaborators, select 'Make owner' action for that account.

After the transfer of ownership the original owner will still have access to the questionnaire in the ‘Edit’ mode. This sharing can be subseqently changed by the new questionnaire owner.