Limits and Limitations

Design limitations by question type

When laying out the questionnaire in the Survey Solutions Designer, mind the following design restrictions by question type: Type of question Can be used as interviewer Can be used as supervisor Can be used in cover section Can be used as hidden Can be preloaded Can be used in substitutions Can be used in Web interviews Audio YES NO NO NO NO NO YES Barcode YES NO NO NO YES YES YES

March 6, 2024

Survey Solutions Limits

The table below summarizes some of the Survey Solutions limits. It is not advisable to design a questionnaire or rely on a work flow that is balancing on the margin of these limits. Limit Value Maximum number of questions in a section: 400 [questions] Maximum number of roster elements in a single roster (including rosters nested into it): 10,000 [items] Maximum number of roster elements in the whole questionnaire: 80,000 [items] Maximum question text length: 2,000 [characters] Maximum length of a variable label: 80 [characters] Maximum variable name length for most question types: 32 [characters] Maximum variable name length for GPS and some other question types: 20 [characters] Maximum number of GPS questions marked as prefilled: 1 [question] Maximum nesting depth for rosters: 4 [levels] Maximum nesting depth for sub-sections

April 23, 2023

Roster limits

Survey Solutions provides capabilities for building complex multilevel data structures and at the same time prevents these data structures from exploding uncontrollably. Earlier this has been done at design-time - when the questionnaire was checked during compilation, error [WB0262]:Roster has reached size limit. Reduce roster size or decrease nesting. was sometimes issued, when the structure may have resulted in a large (multiple thousands of) number of items. At design time the actual number of elements was not known, so the Survey Solutions applied the pessimistic strategy of taking maximum values for each trigger.

January 14, 2019

Recognized Barcode Formats

The barcode question allows optical recognition of the following barcode types: Aztec Code Codabar Code 11 Code 25, Code 39 Code 93 Code 128 Data Matrix GS1 DataBar MSI Plessey PDF417 QR Code EAN UPC The exact type of the barcode is determined automatically during recognition and doesn’t have to be specified during questionnaire design.

February 2, 2017

Multimedia reference

Survey Solutions from version 5.7 allows the users embedding images into questionnaires. These images can be presented by configuring the static text elements. For details on the use of the images in the questionnaires, see the article on Questionnaire Attachments. The following file types are supported: File type Extension Max dimensions Portable Network Graphics *.png 4096x4096 Joint Photographic Experts Group *.jpg 4096x4096 We recommend combined size of attached files not to exceed 2MB to avoid slow synchronization.

October 3, 2016