Survey Solutions Limits

August 1, 2022

The table below summarizes some of the Survey Solutions limits.
It is not advisable to design a questionnaire or work flow that is balancing on the margin of these limits.

Maximum number of questions in a section:400 [questions]
Maximum number of roster elements in a single roster (including rosters nested into it):10,000 [items]
Maximum number of roster elements in the whole questionnaire:80,000 [items]
Maximum question text length:500 [characters] 
Maximum length of a variable label:80 [characters]
Maximum variable name length for most question types:32 [characters]
Maximum variable name length for GPS and some other question types:20 [characters]
Maximum number of GPS questions marked as prefilled:1 [question]
Maximum nesting depth for rosters:4 [levels]
Maximum nesting depth for sub-sections
(not including the section level):
9 [levels]
Maximum number of items in a roster:60 [items]
Maximum number of items in a simple roster:200 [items]
Maximum number of questions* in a roster to qualify as a simple roster:30 [questions]
Maximum number of questions in a roster to be shown in plain mode:10 [questions]
Minimum number of items in a categorical question:2 [items]
Maximum number of items in a categorical question:15,000 [items]
Maximum number of items in a categorical question
(with all options visible to interviewer):
200 [items]
Maximum number of validations (rules and messages) that can be attached to a single element:10 [validations]
Maximum number of suggestions in a combobox categorical question:50 [items]
Maximum length of a category label in a categorical question:250 [characters]
Maximum number of list items in a text list question type:200 [items]
Maximum length of response to a text question type that can be entered:
(This limit does not apply to content that is pre-loaded by file upload method)
500 [characters]
Earliest date that can be entered into a date question:1 January 1900
Latest date that can be entered into a date question:31 December 2100
Maximum length of a syntax condition:10,000 [characters]
Maximum length of an error message:250 [characters]
Maximum number of decimals in a numeric question:15 [digits]
Maximum number of data rows in a lookup table:15,000 [rows]
Maximum number of data columns in a lookup table:10 [columns]
Recognized barcode formats:see list
Supported graphic file formats for upload to static text:.jpg & .png
Maximum size of a single image for upload to static text
(larger images result in warnings): 
5 [MB]
Maximum size of the longer side of captured images:1024 [pixels]
Maximum duration of record in audio question:3 [minutes]
Maximum size of the assignments preload file:300 [MB]
Maximum size of the (compressed/zipped) map preload file:500 [MB]
Maximum size of any (decompressed/unzipped) map preload file:512 [MB]
Maximum size of the questionnaire (not including attachments)5 [MB]
Minimum length of a required password**:10 [characters]
Maximum number of user accounts that can be created in a single batch:10,000 [accounts]
Maximum size of an image for Headquarters login page:10 [MB]
Maximum number of markers*** in Headquarters map report:50,000[markers]
Reserved value (numeric variable types):-999,999,999
Reserved value (string variable types):##N/A##
Length of an internally generated case ID (GUID):32 [hexadecimal digits]
Length of a comment:500 [characters]
Timeout for inactive web-interviewing sessions:15 [minutes]
Maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts before a CAPTCHA gets activated:5 [attempts]
Maximum number of interviews that can be requested in a finite assignment:
(Infinite-size assignments are not affected by this limit).
10,000 [interviews]

*) in addition to the limit on number of questions a roster may not contain nested rosters to qualify as a simple roster, read more details here;
**)  in addition to the requirement for password complexity: at least one digit, at least one lower case character, and at least one upper case character;
***) Since version 18.12 large number of markers will be clustered on the server before being shown on the map.