Audio Question

October 12, 2017


Audio question records sound using the tablet’s microphone. This can be used in surveys where the recording of the respondent’s voice may serve quality control purposes or be directly of interest to the researchers.

Creating a audio question 

In Questionnaire Designer,

  1. Click on the Question Type text box.
  2. Select Audio from the list displayed.


How an audio question works on a tablet 

To answer the question the enumerator has to:

  1. Tap on Tap to record audio button.

2. A timer and recording status are displayed. To stop the recording, tap on Done. An audio question has a 180 seconds limit.  After 180 seconds (3 min) the recording will stop as if Done was pressed and the 180 seconds will be saved automatically. Press on the play button to listen to the recording. 

The recording can be replaced by selecting the record new button. Note that the previous answer for this question will be lost.


The audio questions are exported as .m4a files in the binary data folder, along with any .jpeg files from picture questions. Each binary data folder represents an interview where the folder names are automatically created interview ids. 

The .m4a file name is the question’s variable name as defined in the Questionnaire Designer.

In the micro data files, an answered audio question will show the name of the .m4a under the question’s variable name.