Barcode Question

June 18, 2016


A Barcode question expects an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to an object.


Creating a barcode question

In Questionnaire Designer,

  1. Click on the Question Type text box.

  2. Select Barcode from the list displayed.


How a barcode question appears on a tablet

To answer the question the enumerator has to:

  1. Tap on the text box.

  2. A red cross will display. Focus the cross on the barcode and without moving the tablet wait until the camera automatically takes a picture.

  3. Once the camera reads the barcode the corresponding numbers are displayed.



The answer is exported in a numeric variable in a tab-delimited file. The name of this variable is the question’s variable name that was defined in the Questionnaire Designer.

Barcode question

Unanswered question exported in tab-delimited file

Answered question exported in tab-delimited file