Offline GIS Functionality Expansion

September 27, 2018
  1. Question type earlier called area is now renamed to geography and supports capture of various geographic information:
  • area (polygons),
  • paths (polylines),
  • single (point) and
  • multiple (multipoint)

on offline maps. Each selection is exported as vectors of points. This question type is now accessible from the syntax to be used in conditional and validation expressions. The following properties can be used in the syntax:

  • double geography.Area
  • double geography.Length
  • int geography.PointsCount

In addition, the IsAnswered() function also supports this question type now. For example, we can ask to show the secondary parcel if the primary parcel has been already indicated:


Or we can indicate an error if the area of the parcel is too small to be a parcel with a dwelling situated on it:


Or for large parcels we could ask if they are also being used for agricultural purposes:


Similarly for the paths we can measure the length and show warnings, for example, when they are unexpectedly large:

  1. Offline maps formats have been extended with the raster files, specifically GeoTIFF files that can be produced with a wide range of commercially available and free to use tools.
  2. BETA: A single shapefile map can be added to the maps storage on the tablet, and if added in this way will be automatically overlayed on top of the baseline map in offline map.