Question Scope

June 17, 2016

The scope of a question defines who will be responsible for answering it. The scopes are: interviewer, identifying, hidden, and supervisor


**To change the question scope from the default, **

  1. Click on the Question scope dropdown box on the bottom right hand corner of the question edit screen. 
  2. Select the appropriate question scope. 


When the scope interviewer is selected, enumerators ask the questions from the interviewee and enter their responses on the tablet. The default question scope is interviewer.


The role of the questions defined as identifying includes the definition of uniqueness for the interviews and supplies ‘driving directions’ for the enumerators. Different types of information can be provided through these questions. Some examples are: province, household id, household address, national identification number and name of the household head.

Identifying questions can only be text, numeric, date and categorical: single-select questions.

The behavior of questions defined as identifying and who is responsible for answering them depends on whether or not headquarters provides the information when creating the assignment. If not filled in during assignment creation, enumerators answer the identifying questions within questionnaires and the answers can be modified before completing the interview.

The picture below shows how an enumerator will answer identifying questions on a tablet. 

When answers are provided by headquarters during assignment creation, the answers cannot be modified once the interview is created.

The picture below shows how a headquarters user will answer identifying questions when creating an assignment.

On the tablet, the enumerator sees the answers to the identifying questions on the dashboard screen within the Interviewer application. 



When the scope HIDDEN is selected, the question is destined to be hidden and store the prefilled values to be used in validations and enabling conditions. For example, one may create a validation that the highest educational attainment of a person now is no lower than it was during the last visit. At the same time, because they are hidden, they do not reveal their value to the interviewer, thus eliminating the possibility for a simple carry-over of the values from the previous wave of the survey without asking the respondent for the updated information.
Note that Picture and linked questions cannot be hidden.


Supervisors and/or headquarters answer the questions defined as supervisor once the enumerator completes the interview and sends it back to the supervisor. For this reason, these questions are not displayed on the tablet.

Filled by supervisor questions can only be text, numeric, categorical: Single-select and categorical: multi-select questions*.*

Supervisors should follow the following steps to answer these questions:

  1. Find the supervisor question by selecting the supervisor’s filter at the top of the page. 
  2. Enter the answer within the empty field.
  3. Save the answer by clicking on the green Save button.