Formatting Text

June 22, 2016

Question texts and static-texts can be formatted with a series of html tags. The html tags that can currently be used in Survey Solutions are described in this article.  

Line break
Use <br> to insert a line break. Use <br><br>…<br>  to insert multiple empty lines. 
Use  <i> to begin the use of italics. Then, use </i> when you want to discontinue the use of italics. 
Use <u> to begin the use of underline. Then, use </u> when you want to discontinue the use of underline. 
Use<tt> to begin the use of Teletype. Then, use </tt> when you want to discontinue the use of Teletype.

  • Big. Use <big> to begin the larger text. Then, use </big> to discontinue the larger text.

  • Small. Use <small>to begin the smaller text. Then, use </small> to discontinue the smaller text.

  • Size. Use <font size=SIZE></font>. For example, use <font size=6> and type in the text. Then, use </font> to discontinue the size change. NB: font size may be working differently between the tablet and web-version of the instrument!


  • Subscript. Use <sub> to begin subscript. Then, use </sub> to discontinue subscript style. 
  • Superscript. Use <sup> to begin superscript. Then, use </sup> to discontinue superscript style.

Font color
To change the color of the text use <font color=“colorname”></font>. For example, use <font color=“red”> and type in the text. Then, use </font> to discontinue the color change.

Standard (case-insensitive) color names as per HTML 4.01 specification are available:

In addition to the above mentioned named colors any other color may be applied by directly specifying its RGB value.

Other supported tags are:

Unsupported HTML tags

Any other HTML tags will be automatically removed from the texts already in the Designer.

Other elements you can include

  • for inserting images, videos, or PDF documents to the questionnaire, see: Attachments

  • for inserting hyperlinks, see: Questionnaire hyperlinks

  • for inserting emoji: 🏠 🧍 🐴 - these may or may not be supported by a particular tablet or browser. They almost certainly will appear differently depending on the version. See examples in Emojipedia.


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