Panel of Advanced Instruments

June 15, 2016

The panel of advanced instruments located on the left side of the questionnaire interface provides access to the questionnaire:

  1. Table of contents, displays a panel showing all the sections within the questionnaire.


  2. Questionnaire description and survey information, is used to add information about the questionnaire (type of survey, covered country(ies), period of survey, responsible organization, etc). The information filled out here will also be included in the PDF export of the questionnaire.

  3. Translation button, allows you to manage questionnaire translations.


  4. Macros are used to simplify writing complicated expressions with repetitive sub-expressions. To learn more about how Macros, refer to the article on Macros.


  5. Lookup tables, are reference tables that may be used in validation and enabling conditions. To learn more about lookup tables, refer to the article on Lookup tables.


  6. Attachments, are used to add pictures to your questionnaire. The images uploaded here can be referred to in static texts. The file uploaded must be PNG or JPEG file format.


  7. Comments, displays a full list of all the comments in the questionnaire. Resolved comments are also noted here.