Version 19.06

June 5, 2019

Table presentation of rosters in web interviews

Some rosters may be presented in grid form in web interviews (also if the interviewer is using web-interviewer by logging in to the server through the web site, but not on the tablet).

The rosters that can be presented in such a form are [for the moment] limited to only the numeric and text question types, with up to the 10 questions, but we intend to improve and extend this functionality to other types of questions and design elements.

Read more about tabular presentation of rosters in this article.

Notifications for the interviewers

The Survey Solutions Interviewer App will now show notifications to the interviewers reminding them on some of the actions recommended at this time. For example, if the interviewer has not synchronized for several days with the server, or if she has not acted on a rejected interview.

Some of the notifications are displayed in the Android notifications area, while others are displayed within the application.

The administrator of the server can turn on/off the notifications for all the interviewers centrally from the server settings.

Read more about interviewers’ notifications in this article.

Improvements to cascading questions

From this version onwards the cascading questions are now:

  • Available for the supervisor’s scope (previously limited only to the interviewer’s scope). This will allow the supervisors to also take benefit of progressive multi-step selections in large classifications, such as selecting an occupation or an administrative unit.

  • Permit validations at all the levels of cascade (for example, you can construct a questionnaire which would indicate an error or a warning as soon as the branch of occupations ‘professional’ is selected for the people who are having lowest level of education).

Other changes and improvements

  • Keyword ‘self’ may now be used in the substitutions in error messages simplifying the reference to the current value. For example, the error message could be: “Error! The entered value for age %self% is too large!”, which may appear for a particular value as “Error! The entered value for age 195 is too large!”.

  • You can transfer the ownership of a questionnaire that you’ve designed to another user, which may be useful in cases when this is your deliverable, or if you are leaving the project and want another user to continue maintaining and developing the questionnaire.

  • Collaborators in the Designer are now presented in the following order: owner of the questionnaire is listed first, then all the other collaborators in the alphabetical order of their emails.

  • During the export of binary data to a cloud storage the user will be notified if there is not enough storage in the destination.

  • At headquarters an indicator has been added to the assignments page to reflect whether the assignment has been already received by the interviewer (similar to the same indicator for the rejected interviews).

  • Questions linked to text lists or to non-nested options are exported in numeric-type columns, rather than string-type columns with numeric content. (already present in version 19.05). Some variables have changed their types in the system generated files. These changes (earlier announced) are highlighted in this article.

(!) Version 19.04 was the last version of Survey Solutions compatible with Android OS prior to version 5.0.

If you haven’t upgraded the tablets to OS Android 5.0 yet, upgrade without further delay.