Version 5.17

February 1, 2017

Version 5.17.0 released on Feb 1, 2017 contains improvements in the look and feel of our software. In particular, we changed design of the following pages of HQ/Supervisor application:

  • Survey Setup
  • Headquarters
  • Interviews
  • Observers
  • API-users

The update improves the appearance and user experience for the users of different screens, from older low resolution devices, to modern high pixel density screens.

The overall design is responsive to the environment of the browser, and some elements may be collapsed or presented differently depending on the screen size and device resolution, providing access to the same functionality.

We are constantly listening to the feedback and suggestions from our users. Many suggestions were voiced during our virtual user group meetings and some have been implemented already. If you are thinking about new functionality for Survey Solutions please use the following feature request form .