Reassign an Interview

September 20, 2017

To begin, click on the Interviews tab at the top of the screen**.**The supervisor application will then show the full list of interview cases. 

Cases to be reassigned to another interviewer

You may need to change survey case assignments because of interviewer job performance issues, illness, and management of the team’s workload. For example, reassigning a survey case from an overloaded interviewer to an interviewer that has time.

The protocol for changing assignments vary depending on the interview status.  There are three possible scenarios:

  1. To change the allocation of assignments that have not yet been synchronized with interviewer’s tablets, do so under the assignments tab.
  2. To change the allocation of assignments that have been synchronized with interviewer’s tablets, follow the steps outlined in the Distributing Assignments article. You will then be prompted to confirm the change in assignments. Note that any data collected for these cases by the former interviewer will be lost. 
  3. To change assignments of completed interviews, select the interviews you want to reassign by clicking the checkbox. Reject these interviews by pressing Reject button on the toolbar, then reassign the interviews to another interviewer. To reassign the case, select the check box to the left of the survey case(s), then click on Assign and select an Interviewer from the pop-up menu. 

Another similar scenario where this protocol can be applied is
when the first interviewer has opened a number of assignments and
needs the second interviewer to finish them, he/she should mark them
as completed (even they are only partially filled out) and let the
supervisor know to reject them to the second interviewer. In that
case the data already collected to date will flow over to the second