Available C# Namespaces

July 25, 2023

Survey Solutions uses C# language for writing the expressions, such as enabling or validation conditions. The C# language organizes classes of objects into namespaces. To use a class from a namespace the C# program must have access to the corresponding namespace. Survey Solutions provides access to the following namespaces:

You can click on the name of the namespace to see which classes, functions, etc. the namespace avails for the user. System.Linq.Queryable is technically a class, documented here.

Some classes contained in the available namespaces are prohibited for security reasons, these include all of the following:

  • System.Activator
  • System.AppContext
  • System.AppDomain
  • System.Console
  • System.Environment
  • System.GC

In Addition to the above C# namespaces Survey Solutions avails some specialized functions to the users, such as GpsDistance() or ContainsAny(), which are based in its own namespace.

See also forbidden type and data types.